Google Implements A New Time Gap Feature For Ratings And Reviews Into Its Play Store

Google appears to be on a new mission to help limit suspicious activity across its leading Play Store.

The company was recently seen adopting stringent measures to help put an end to suspicious reviews that continually pop up across the store and wreak havoc for users. So many times, we’re unaware of who or what to trust. But Google hopes to change that.

With the implementation of a new change to its procedure, the search engine giant will now add a new delay of 24 hours with ratings or even reviews submitted by its users, reports Mishaal Rahman. The innovative time gap idea will ensure all malicious activity gets filtered out easily.

However, within this 24-hour timeframe, developers will be given the chance to make comments and add their input with any of the reviews left below any of their apps on the Play Store. So the only difference now is that it won't be on public display for others to see immediately.

Google knows that any feedback in the form of ratings or reviews can really assist developers in being aware of what others feel about certain products. And when done correctly, it better enhances experiences for both users and developers involved.

But we can’t forget how there are plenty of situations where a review can be twisted and turned for the sake of manipulation. We’ve already seen plenty of instances where reviews align with toxic intentions.

Google has really tried hard to foster the best community by adding top-of-the-line tools and regulations. But on many occasions, some things just aren’t enough.

As per the company’s guidelines, any review designated as fake or spam is one that they deem inappropriate or inaccurate. Similarly, it’s a review that may have been posted more than usual. At the same time, the firm has called out the same reviews posted via different accounts as inauthentic.

The company also does not allow reviews by those who misrepresent their connection or their real identity. Hence, it just won’t be acceptable any longer. Google has also recently updated its guidelines to make sure the community is a happy, healthy, and safe place. They hope users can get the best positive experience after making their way to the Store.

We feel the new buffer lasting 24 hours for reviews is a great technique to help the firm and its developers go through feedback obtained from users. Remember, a massive flood of reviews at any point in time makes it hard to gauge the real from the fake.

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