Google's New Search Tools Can Help You Find Eco-Friendly Flights, Train Tickets and Hotels

The new epoch brings about exceptional changes in the lives of people. Our very own Google search has come up with an outstanding expansion of its resources by providing people a medium to travel with ease in intra and inter-cities, along with a feature to buy tickets.

The company states that it will allow its users to choose more consciously concerning carbon emissions when booking travel—especially when you are riding the rails in Europe. Those who are aware of the app have noticed the pop-up on Google flights, which shows the estimated carbon emission for each trip that the passenger makes.

Furthermore, the google search engine also indicates the carbon emission scale for the record of its people. The Google chart will notify the other options of the flight compared to the least carbon emissions on average.

However, Google in its search options has provided a new tool that will allow you to narrow down flight and hotel options, and one of them is related to Emissions. In this option, you can choose either "any emission" or "low emissions only".

Google has consolidated such a module to avoid the excessive emission of carbon dioxide and protect the environment. When traveling smarter, you also tend to choose those hotels that have lower carbon emissions. "Eco-certified" filter for hotels has been granted a certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. Those certification placards are also on the display of each hotel, along with the criteria from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The result of these new inventions has turned out to be great. Although Google still hasn’t operated the optimization of train travel yet. But it is seen the exceptional result with working carriers in Germany, Italy, Japan, and Spain. Since it has finally caught up with the trend, it also provides the best route and schedule to the people.

For instance, if you put “Berlin to Amsterdam train” in the search engine, you will get a timetable, and on top of that reserving tickets option on Deutsche Bahn. also generates a model in which people can add their desired date, departure, and time of day, and then a whole list of the available seats will appear, along with options and prices.

The company is all set to expand its business, as it is also reaching out to other railroads for agreement. Meanwhile, other resources like Hopper, RailEurope, The Train Line, and Wanderu will not be impressed by this new intervention in their businesses. Although they haven’t made any remarks yet.

The new feature has made life much easier. People can now reach their desired destination in no time without getting late for their work. Google stated that they are testing more features regarding bus tickets soon to further the convenience of the people.

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