BookTok is getting new updates to stretch its community

The famous short video platform TikTok is continuously working on features to bring its community closer than ever. One of the latest steps taken by the company in this direction was the introduction of BookTok.

BookTok is a subculture of TikTok which was announced 2 months ago, on July 17th. As the name suggests, this feature was specifically designed for TikTok users who love to read and want to share it with other book lovers. As of now, this book corner has successfully collected over 77 billion views, and the figure is expected to go further up with time.

Since the feature is doing so well, the app developers are now working on projects that can make it a more user-friendly experience for the audience. The latest feature that has been added is that the platform is now in partnership with Penguin Random House, a US-based publishing company.

In light of this partnership, TikTok rolled out a feature that lets users mention any book title from the mentioned publishing firm in their uploaded content. It will work just like how the tags work, but this feature is currently available only for US and UK users.

When a book is tagged by a user, it will be shown above the caption. And once the tag is tapped, the user will be directed towards the page which will carry all the information about that tagged book, including the genre, how long the book is, and a summary. Not only that, but if any other user also tagged the same book, they can find it on the list as well.

Another feature that is worth mentioning is that for BookTok, users won’t be obliged to save the whole video. In the previous version, the whole video had to be saved to watch it later some other time, but now, TikTok users, especially the BookTok ones, will be able to save only the title of that shared book and won’t have to go through the whole video just to recall the purpose of saving it. These saved titles can be accessed through the “to read” list, which will be available near the saved videos option.

Using the feature is as easy as it sounds. All that needs to be done is to tap the "add link" before posting a video, then search for the book the user wants to tag and tap “add” on the respective book link.

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