Google Simplifies Its Management By Shifting Assistant And Calendar Reminders To Google Tasks

It’s the news that many users have been on the lookout for since June of this year. And finally, Google has announced plans to simplify its task management.

The search giant says it's shifting both assistant and calendar reminders to its Tasks. And we feel that’s great because the age-old assistant reminder was of little to no use for most users out there.

Yes, it’s good when you add in a voice command comprising ‘Hey Google’ but to see it interacting through touch with the Google app across Android really was an unpleasant experience.

But we’re lucky because Assistant Reminders could be located on Google Calendar and are now going to be shifted toward the Tasks tab while getting a major upgrade along the way.

The main feature is integration so you’ll be able to make tasks using the ‘Hey Google’ command through your smart device, speakers, and even your Smart Displays.

Everything created ends up showing in the Task List on your mobile phone and even on the workspace designed for Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Docs. You will be given a particular date and time for notification of your tasks to help keep you organized. Meanwhile, a number of other integrations to be included are your Google Chat and even your ‘Add to Task’ feature.

You’ll see this major upgrade launch in the next few months. And we feel that once it does end up going live, it can really benefit so many of us out there because it's like merging your reminders into Google Tasks for better efficiency.

Google mentioned the news via its blog post today where it highlighted how a new notification pops up on your screen or computer. It will motivate you to more frequently manage all of your to-do lists and stay organized better. And that too, from one place.

After this is launched, you could well be seeing the elimination of Google Reminder from your calendar as early as November.

In the future, Google is looking at plans to invest in things like Google Tasks and even expand its capabilities. They hope to get users back on track in terms of staying productive and organized at all times.

Google hopes to be your work companion and is excited to join you on this journey toward productivity, the blog post concluded in the end.

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