Google Showcases New Feature For Google Lens That Enables A Smooth Real-Time Translation

Today’s Search On event by Google saw the company speaking about a number of different launches. The firm put a variety of features on display and with that came a new release for Google Lens that’s designed to make the overall translation a smoother experience.

For quite some time now, Google Lens has been providing support for all forms of transitions in real time. At the moment, you’ll find the product covering the actual picture to put ahead of the translated text. And that just adds a very not-so-nice experience.

Using this updated AR translate feature, the search engine giant says it's trying hard to turn the translation into a more natural or serene endeavor.

As can be seen in the image attached, this new AR experience isn’t showing any unsightly displays on your actual picture. And that’s due to the company using machine learning to remove the actual text and then redo the pixels seen below it in the background. The text then gets overlaid on top and the end product is a more seamless result.

All in all, it might give many people the impression that it’s going to reduce the speed at which real-time translations occur. But the search engine giant has reassured many that it won’t be the case. The firm feels that the use of more optimized technology to remove original text, remake the background, and overlay text in a fraction of a second just shows how great the product is.

For this, they’re going to use GAN models that produce results instantly across Pixel devices.

But you’ll need to wait a while for the launch because it’s not anytime soon. While it hopes to make a launch by the year’s end, no definitive timeline was provided. It’s still so unclear whether or not the experience is going to be seen across Google Lens on all apps or just a selected few.

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