Google Maps Is Launching A Series Of New Updates And Here’s What To Expect

Search engine giant Google is launching a number of new updates for its Maps that will be seen in the next few months. The news was confirmed at today’s happening Search On program.

Google teased several new features for Maps that included Neighborhood Vibes, Live View Searches, and even Immersive Views.

The firm reportedly mentioned how all of these launches would be rolled out with time as the end goal was to design a map experience that’s visually appealing and assists users in navigating the world in a more natural manner.

For starters, let’s begin with the Immersive View. This was first announced in May of this year. It’s designed to assist you in planning right ahead of time while getting a very thorough understanding of the city, right before you make plans to visit.

It fuses the technology linked to aerial imaging and Street views with the likes of other compounding factors like traffic, crowds, and the general weather.

You can really get the feels of your destination without soaring on over to it and with this type of predictive modeling up for grabs, the immersive view learns about some major trends such as tomorrow, or the following month.

If you want to see what it’s like sipping coffee and eating croissants on the streets of France, well, go ahead and use this immersive view feature. You can even go all the way down to the street level and see how busy things are in the area on a particular day.

This feature will be launched soon in cities like New York. Tokyo, and even LA on both iPhones and Android. The company hopes to add more soon so do keep a lookout.

In the same way, Google adds that it plans on including more than 250 aerial views of famous landmarks. This is a goal to provide the most immersive map. Moreover, the expansion comes at a time when Google included more than 100 famous landmarks to places in Japan.

Next up, it’s the neighborhood vibe.

This new launch is designed to give users a feel of what a particular neighborhood feels like. Be it images or data, you get the most trendy areas in view and it highlights what is interesting and what’s not about a certain location. We can expect a launch soon for both iPhones and Android soon.

If you’re opting for a more artistic vibe or one that entails a food scene, go ahead. You can really get the vibes of what it feels like and see whether or not it’s worth exploring.

Then there’s a search feature called Live View that’s designed to include overlays with plenty of directions showcasing the view from the top. You can let this find your camera to search for famous spots like top shops in the area, eateries, or banks. It’s like your perfect little travel guide for those destinations that you’re not familiar with.

Simply, lift up your lens and let the camera capture the location and find whatever you need at that moment in time. How convenient can it be? As Google says, it’s all about making the whole experience so much simpler and we can’t agree more. Again, a rollout is expected in the next few months so be aware.

Lastly, Google is incorporating an eco-friendly feature for the purpose of routing across apps. This way, drivers get to pick out ways that they feel would be more feasible in terms of fuel efficiency. This helps those who really want to get on the bandwagon of sustainability.

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