Google Announces Exciting Plans To Revamp Its Classic Search Experience

If you’re getting tired of the same old Google Search experience, well, the company has some great news for users like you.

Google says it’s revamping the age-old search experience so that its users can explore more data on the leading search engine through a natural flow.

To get this up and running, the firm is putting forward a set of new features that entail different tools that are going to be used to dig deeper into a topic. There will also be some more changes related to making the overall search experience a pleasurable one. From more visually appealing snippets to better imagery and more videos, there’s a lot in store. And we’re excited just thinking of it.

This new update comes at a time when the tech giant mentioned during the early part of this year how internal research showed that so many of its users were now resorting to apps like TikTok and even Instagram to get answers to common queries. So as you can imagine, there’s more competition and that means the firm has to up its game somehow before things began slipping away.

So by the looks of it, Google may have begun taking inspiration from the younger generation to use the internet. This allows for easy access and visually appealing content, including more guidance as they start to ask questions.

For starters, there’s a new feature that entails shortcuts for some of the search engine’s useful tools. These will be seen in the search box for easier access and be allowed to perform quick actions like translation, screenshots, identifying a song, or solutions to math-based homework.

Some of the changes seem to be hinted at the younger lot or those who adore the new technology of today such as Google Lens. And remember, the shortcuts won’t be having any links to innovative features but they’ll be getting the attention they deserve.

Secondly, Google is on a mission to better refine its search through tools that allow text queries to be solved via the expansion of a list of suggestions. These will arise through buttons seen on the search box. You can drill into various sub-topics while taking part in your search.

So it’s like searching for one thing but being recommended a few others, in case you’re interested.

But one of the mightiest changes of them all is the emphasis on visual search. While we aren’t saying you’re no longer going to see the classic blue links, you’ll be provided with a new form of visual makeover where boxes of Knowledge Panels will be seen.

This is where Google plans to pull in an entire array of different information across so many sources in all sorts of formats.

There will be scenarios where visual searches will be highlighting content from different apps too, the company confirmed.

We’re hearing about the tech giant showcasing content for a while now and it appears the time has finally come for the grand makeover.

Content belonging to leading apps like TikTok and YouTube are indexable and they rank videos from all across the board. Hence, when needed for purposes like a search, you get it, and when not, it’s returned.

So the goal is to be more modern and appealing like platforms such as TikTok. There’s no limit to content creation there and in case you weren’t already aware, there’s plenty of good information out there.

Remember, the platform says that the new visual display isn’t going to change all results of Google Search. But it will surely show up on your results page where you can find the visual content to be more accommodating such as the travel niche.

The changes went public today at Google’s famous Search On event today where a lot of new great projects were discussed.

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