Google Launches New Shopping Tools That Links Buyers To Shops Selling Their Favorite Products

Online shopping has been a trend for a while now and Google is really trying hard to motivate more users to come and join its Shopping Graph. This is the name given to a new and improved AI model that was launched this year. The whole focus is on product reviews, shopping trends, and leading brands that sell the best commodities.

One of the first features includes an enticing feed that puts products of all sorts on display. When you use the designated research tool, users can add keywords like ‘shop’ alongside the product that they’re in search of. In a similar manner, you’ll see the platform extending this online shopping adventure to different products that range between electronics and beauty to fashion and more. Hence, you’re not limited by any means.

Then, there is a unique tool called ‘shop to look’ that’s designed to place complementary accessories to all forms of clothing that people would like to wear. The search engine likes to describe it as a tool where you not only get what you’re looking for but some free advice along the way of things linked to it. For instance, you might be on the lookout for a tank top but could be recommended some fabulous summer jewelry along with it. This can all be seen within the Search.

In the same way, your Search results will be displaying a few trending goods and services from some of the biggest brands across the US. You can now update people about the latest styles and trends in the fashion scene.

The new feature will be launched by the fall of this year but if you want to ‘shop the look’, well, it’s already up for grabs for those in the US.

Google has also decided to give its buyers the chance to undergo shopping in 3D where products can be viewed from various aspects but for now, it’s being restricted to just shoes. The firm was also seen launching a product that’s still being tested and allows sellers to produce visuals in 3D of several images in still.

Buyers would be given access to a new shopping guide when embarking on more complex shopping adventures through the Search bar on Google. This entails several forms of insights on things like the sizing of glasses and the material used thanks to various sources. This feature was first laid out across America and soon, Google hopes to share some more details as well.

Google is going to be giving its buyers some more shopping incentives by providing trusted reviews regarding the pros and cons of various goods. These will come with ratings via page insights. So, this feature could be found across America in the next couple of months.

Google also mentioned how it's going to allow its buyers to set up some buying choices from different brands and this would assist in terms of suggestions for a more customized shopping endeavor.

Users will be allowed to alter their preferences in whatever manner they wish to make that happen. We’ll be seeing the launch very soon this year. And in case that wasn’t enough of a shopping fever from Google, be prepared to witness buying filters getting added to users’ search results.

Search trends will now undergo an update in real-time. For now, the feature is limited to a few nations but soon, others will be up for grabs too. So if you’re in India, the US, or Japan- you can avail yourself of it first as compared to all others.

Last but not least, Google will be giving us the feasibility to use the Discovery feature in the Google App. This provides the greatest input on what’s trending and what types of purchases people are making and what they’re searching for.

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