OpenAI Grants Access To Anyone Willing To Use Its Innovative Text-To-Image System

OpenAI has granted great access to anyone that’s willing to sign up and use its text-to-image system.

The waitlist is non-existent so that means there are no major cues for lining up and getting a chance to utilize this endeavor. So if you want to grab a hold of it with immediate access, then without further due, go ahead.

The firm first unveiled the original design in January of 2021 and this tool is said to impress both the general public as well as those that are experts in the field. The magic happens when text is converted into a picture at a competitive speed and with great quality. There are plenty of competitors in the market but DALL-E is in a league of its own.

But with the good news did come some bad. Many spoke about how these systems are not only biased but tend to give rise to harassment, misinformation, and nonconsensual forms of art. Many feel that since images are directly taken from the internet, they tend to replicate exact areas of society. Like if you request the app to produce an image of a CEO, the end result would be a white man.

With time, OpenAI seems to be taking charge and combating such measures. They’re filtering out all forms of imagery that are explicit and aren’t generating images based on known assumptions in society. But some feel the approach is not too great or it’s clumsy, to say the least.

So the criticism is there and people are definitely not happy. But the firm says it’s working on bettering its performance by introducing filters that are said to be more robust at eliminating images that violate community guidelines. In the same way, they’re busy testing more APIs that would make it so much easier to generate more output that’s a combination of efforts from designers and illustrators.

People who choose to sign up for the venture will get around 50 credits for free at the start and that’s followed up by around 15 credits each month for free. You may then use such credits to produce one image, its variation, or some editing. Common options to avail include inpainting and outpainting, where you edit beyond boundaries. In case you want to buy more credits, just pay $15 and you’ll receive a bundle of 115.

On average, the system is producing around 1.5 pictures a day so as you can see, they’re doing a great job so far.

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