Google Discover Is Allowing Users To Express Their Interest/Disinterest In Several Topics

Google Discover has been keen on giving its users some special benefits. At first, we saw the app allow users to block any YouTube channel of their preference for whatever reason.

Now, they’re very keen on providing users with the ability to display disinterest on several topics of their preference, as reported by 9to5G. And yes, you’re being given the chance to do it in just one go.

Users must be aware that several high-level articles are shown on the app fitted with different keywords. And in case you didn’t know, Google actually shows users directly at some point how it’s done.

In the past, users were allowed to click on the menu and find the ‘more options’ button that arose with a three-dot menu. It allowed you to mark anything you didn’t like as not interested. This was for the main person or the topic or even an entire webpage.

But now, users get an option in the form of not being interested in a topic. And after you click on that, you are given the chance to add four such things you don’t wish to see. For instance, when you click on a particular article about Thai food that you’re not a fan of, you can still enjoy learning and reading about cuisines in general.

This allows Google some more details about what your particular interests may be and how can you finetune the Discover button better for your liking. This feature is getting launched today via the Google App for both iPhones and Android.

We feel it’s a really good start on Google’s part in terms of personalizing the Discover feature. It just makes sure things you like are given priority over others that you may not be a fan of.

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