Facebook Says Group Members Will Now Only Be Referred To As ‘Followers’

Facebook has introduced a new and unique change for its group members. The platform will solely be referring to group members as followers, from today onwards.

Therefore, users will no longer ‘join’ a group. Instead, they will ‘follow’ it, the company explained.

The news comes to us thanks to social media expert and enthusiast Matt Navarra who was one of the first people to notice the news.

But why did Facebook all of a sudden decide that people will now be following and not joining if they wish to gain group content in their news feed? Well, we certainly are just as baffled as the rest of the world.

Twitter users took to their accounts on social media to debate and share how they felt about the new change. And it’s safe to say that not too many are fans of the ordeal.

There were quite a few who held the opinion that the term members added some sort of personal relationship and gave the feeling of belonging to a community. But this new change appears to be far from that.

Others felt that it lacked the concept of inclusion and then there were some who felt Facebook was confused about what it was doing because the change didn’t make sense. Another commented on how this was just unnatural because the whole purpose revolves around the app’s groups.

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