Samsung Issues New Warning To American Users About Phishing Emails Exposing Their Data

Samsung is warning users across the US to be vigilant of phishing emails after a hacker infiltrated the company’s systems across the nation. It also says there are high chances that it managed to steal data belonging to its customers.

The warning email alert was published on Friday by the company and sent to all affected consumers regarding the breach. This particular incident was believed to have arisen during the latter part of July.

It was just a week later that the company became aware of what had taken place and confirmed the findings via its own internal investigation. That is when they realized that the user's personal data was breached.

While the exact details about the hacking incident have not been publicized, the firm has confirmed that in a lot of the cases, customer information was compromised. This means sensitive details like their user names, birthdates, and any information regarding product registration were affected.

But Samsung says that every case is different and that means the breach that has taken place varies significantly. At the moment, customers are being informed about the incident so they’re aware of what’s going on regarding the matter.

Thankfully, there was no breaching of credit card numbers or numbers of users’ social security during the hacking attempt. Also, there was no mention of consumers’ devices getting affected.

As of now, there is no news on the exact figure of users affected. However, in the company’s FAQ session that took place recently, there was some mention of users that received emails from the firm about the breach means they’ve been affected. Samsung also added that if it needed more assistance from users to help complete its investigation, it would be contacting them soon.

The tech giant also revealed how it gathered personal data to help provide users with the best experience imaginable. And that’s in regard to their goods and services. Therefore, the information would most likely be linked to its product registrations or news about warranty too.

To help prevent such incidents that are taking place in the digital world at a fast pace, Samsung has told its users to be on high alert. This is especially true for phishing scams seen across emails.

These are the dangerous ones that request users for personal details. In the end, victims are tricked into installing malware across their devices or even exploited for the purpose of theft.

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