YouTube protects itself from becoming means of influencing public opinions by banning 50,000 channels

One of the biggest concerns that social media platforms harbor is using social media to slowly infiltrate political opinions in young minds. The target this time around is YouTube. It has recently come to light again that YouTube has been shutting down channels that show any suspicious political activity.

After much snooping around, it was found out that YouTube bans accounts that post casual content along with political content and belong to China. To justify it, YouTube has declared that it only does so because these accounts start posting pro-Chinese content slowly. This way the users do not realize that they are slowly being fed information to form a political opinion.

Back in the Q1 tag bulletin, Google removed around 31,000 accounts from the platform that posted any content that showed signs of Chinese-based operations. In the Q2 report, we found that YouTube banned 29,000 more accounts this time around. Tackling China had been hard enough for the platform, but this time it had to combat the Russian-Ukraine conflict as well. YouTube removed 231 accounts related to this conflict.

According to the vague information provided by YouTube, we have concluded that the main purpose of these accounts is to play with the audience's sentiments. The goal here is to gather a large crowd so that they can build a larger positive opinion of China's activities.

These Chinese operators see YouTube as such a powerful tool that these activities significantly increased this year. YouTube had to shut down channel after channel, not just remove videos, to eradicate this.

Another concern that most people have is the misuse of TikTok. TikTok is a Chinese app. This makes it the ideal platform for such activities to take place. With the rising interest in TikTok, with having the young population as its main audience, it is easy to influence the lot. Plus, with people spending hours on the app, and easily getting influenced, it is surely worrisome.

Although the fear of such Chinese activities is at its peak, and alarming rumors are being spread, the Chinese government fails to even acknowledge such rumors.

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