YouTube is releasing a feature that will allow users to zoom into a video but it will only be available for premium users

YouTube is one of the most used apps in the world and like many apps have a premium subscription as well. YouTube Premium starts at 11.99 dollars per month and has a lot of killer features to offer. The best feature YouTube Premium has to offer is undeniably the no-ad feature. This feature lets users not see any ads while, before, or after a video no matter how monetized the uploader is. YouTube Premium is very cheap as compared to other platforms that have a premium subscription like Spotify which is 2 dollars cheaper than YouTube Premium and Netflix whose standard package starts at 15.49 dollars for a month.

Now YouTube has come up with another new feature that will only be available for Premium users and that feature is the ability to be able to zoom into any video at any time. However it should be noted that this feature is still an experimental one and it is not clear if this one will be coming to the app soon, but with the current state of affairs, it seems like it is very likely that this feature is here to stay.

The format and the screen sizes of android phones have always been changing with time and YouTube has evolved to keep up. First, it gave users the ability to stretch the video to fit their phone screen, and then YouTube gave its users another feature that allowed them to adjust the ratio of the video along with providing them with different resolutions as well. But if you are feeling a bit more courageous then YouTube is also providing a new feature that will allow users to zoom into a video at any time a video.

You can find this feature listed on YouTube’s Experimental features site. Once it is enabled users will be able to zoom into any part of a video at any time during the video however it should be kept in mind that this feature is only available for Premium users.

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