YouTube Launches Exciting Updates For Creators And Here’s What To Expect

A new video shared by YouTube's Creator Insider channel sheds some light on the features that the platform is currently working on.

For starters, YouTube is excited to launch a new feature that allows app users to see how many subscribers they’ve been able to gain from their community posts. The new metric can be accessed by creators through the resource report that’s situated in the app’s analytics portion.

Next up, the app says they’re working hard to approve the final design for the video copyright details page that can be found in the App’s Studio. With the new and improved interface, viewers would be able to navigate easily and search for information related to claims that impact your video.

For those who may not be aware, this copyright page is where users can search for more information like copyright claims or anything of the sort that could potentially be affecting their content on the app.

YouTube says that no part of the page’s functionality would be altered and that means creators would still be given the same options when they wish to respond to any claim. This would be rolled out at a slower pace than normal for all creators so do stay tuned.

Thirdly, YouTube is excited to launch an update on its Remixes. With the new feature, creators would be given the chance to see more information about their remixes across the app’s analytics tab. The new upgrade allows viewers to witness direct views of top remix metrics, the top 50 mobile remixes, and their top 50 web remixes for better clarity.

Next up, the app is making some major changes to its studio video editor too. Not only would it be more intuitive but would follow a more consistent pattern than before, thanks to the app making three changes.

Firstly, there’s a new cut section that enables creators to go for fine grain editing and replaces the hard-to-find display option. Meanwhile, the edges of the trim and cut feature are changing to be color coded and wider to enable them to be more grabbable and easily located by users at one glance. Also, they’re moving preview and edit features so they become more discoverable for all. These features would be launched for all studio and desktop users by this week’s end.

Lastly, YouTube is planning on moving the tab for playlists from the mobile navigation menu in the Studio to a new tab seen in the content hub, due to low usage. It’s now being replaced with comments, the app confirmed.

The whole idea is to use the navigation menu bar for pages with high usage, which makes more sense.

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