LinkedIn Launches New Link Sticker That Helps In Driving External Traffic

LinkedIn says it believes it has found the perfect solution for driving external traffic. And this comes in the form of an innovative link sticker that was rolled out for some users today.

With the new approach, users are given the chance to add the sticker to their images, putting it wherever they like as it arises in different sizes.

Thanks to more insight from leading social media analyst Lindsay Gamble, we got the chance to see more about the venture through her insights. And on first glance, the sticker is quite similar to those provided by Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, you can think of it as adding more referral links to your posts.

We feel the new venture could certainly come in handy in terms of carrying out more trials with the design. And as you’re already aware, the engagement seen across the app continues to increase. Hence, we don’t see why this can’t serve as a valuable tool to help drive more user traffic through LinkedIn's feed.

You can find the sticker option for external links as a tool in the post creation tab. It’s best delineated by the famous icon reserved for chain links.

However, LinkedIn mentioned that at this stage, it’s only applicable for users through the mobile version of the platform and not yet for desktop users. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t interact with the links on the desktop.

In other words, millions of LinkedIn members can tap into the links whenever they see them. And that’s around 850 million platform users in total.

As far as different hues are concerned, well, it’s a little limited in that regard as you can’t change the colors. However, links could be attached to both video content as well as the regular image. And users are also given the chance to get the text customized that comes as a display with the link.

While some might not appreciate the large text attached to the link button, we do feel it can gather for better reach and awareness, while driving more users to interact. We also feel it’s an innovative approach to the usual content seen on the app.

For now, LinkedIn revealed how the feature is getting launched on a gradual basis. Hence, not all users would be having it at the same time, but you’ll definitely get it soon.

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