WhatsApp is releasing one new feature each for both android and iOS

When the covid-19 pandemic hit 3 years ago, it forced everyone into their homes. Then came WhatsApp, the saving grace of socialites disguised as a chatting app. The app was created by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, the app was also later bought by Meta Inc.

The app recently released that it has one new update each for both the Android and iOS versions of the chatting app.

The Android update is probably the more useful of the two as it is that feature that will let users report a problem whenever they would be facing any problems while using WhatsApp.

As we all know, technology is not always perfect and sometimes flaws can come through on any platform and Whatsapp is no different, that’s why the messaging app is working on a bug reporting feature. This feature will let users report any sort of problem that they might be having with their usage of the app like the app stops working or messages can’t be seen.

According to a screenshot posted by WABetaInfo, reporting a bug in the app is not at all hard. Just go to settings, click on the report bug and fill in the given box. You can also include screenshots but those are optional and users are advised to check that if they are posting screenshots, they don’t contain any personal or sensitive data.

Moving on to the iOS part, WhatsApp has released an update that allows users to delete messages for everyone for an extended period.

Previously there was a time limit on when users could delete messages for everyone but now the time limit is still there but the timings have been stretched to 2 days and 12 hours. After that amount of time, nobody can delete any messages sent in any group or chat.

At first, this update was available to beta users only but after being mentioned in the official catalog it seems that this update has become official and will be available for everyone soon. It should be noted that this feature was announced by WhatsApp 3 weeks ago but is noted in the catalog that makes it official.

WhatsApp has always managed to come up with great features and we are sincerely hoping that these two will not disappoint.

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