Meta’s Dreams Of Turning WhatsApp Into A ‘Super App’ Are Coming True In India

The era of business messaging is a realm that’s slowly but surely starting to pick up momentum.

Meta has been very keen on expressing how it feels in this regard, adding that there are a number of ways its apps can do better with integration.

Today, Meta announced how WhatsApp users in India can take advantage of online shopping for groceries without leaving their messaging platform. And it’s all thanks to the integration of the powerful platform with JoMart.

All users need to do is send out a text message that says Hi to a particular number and be directed to take part in shopping experiences via the app. It’s awfully similar to Instacart and has a wide array of different delivery services.

The concept isn’t something new but in these cases, there is no other app. And for WhatsApp, there couldn’t be a bigger deal than this.

Meta has been proclaiming for a while now how business messaging is one way for Meta to make money as it goes forward, not to forget the usual ads. But as you know, the ads have been causing some trouble lately.

In terms of business messaging, we’re going to see chat experiences mingle with business in the future. People will use communication platforms to strike deals, as mentioned by Mark Zuckerberg in a recent blog post after unveiling the partnership.

This particular partnership in India is partly based on in-app and partly related to back-and-forth chat conversations. But it will entail a lot of different features like types of payment and even delivery through WhatsApp.

There are a lot of fingers being pointed at Meta taking inspiration from WeChat. This is a super style application that’s been making it big and to see WhatsApp follow in its footsteps is fantastic.

On WeChat, users get the chance to pay their rent and even run their entire lives through the app. Yes, it’s that convenient.

Users may shop for movie tickets or an opening at the biggest theater gig in town- the options are unlimited. You can pay for food or make reservations at your favorite eatery, what more can one ask for?

As you already know, an app that has such controlling characteristics in its users’ lives is guaranteed to generate some major revenue along the way. Be it ads, processing fees for payments, or even its list of premium features- there are a lot of ways to get the cash for the app.

As of now, no application has even come close to reaching the same level of dominance that we’re observing with WeChat. On average, there are like two billion users from all over the globe. But we do feel that if there is any archrival that could come close, well, then it’s WhatsApp for sure.

In case you’re wondering why India, well, that’s because the market is huge. We’re talking about 400 million users in the nation that use WhatsApp. Remember, the app is free, convenient, and doesn’t take up much space on users’ devices.

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