University Teachers: Types of Professors You Meet at the University

In a three-year or master's course of study, we will meet a series of mythological beings with superb names: university teachers.

These fantastic creatures that roam the Middle-earth of education, often left in a panic in the wastelands of university bureaucracy, are the ones who have the delicate task of transmitting knowledge to unsuspecting students.

The university professors are our interface with the university (in addition to the fantastic secretariats and their very listless staff). The joys and sorrows of the students, responsible for their exam marks, or rather for the judgment and evaluation of the student's preparation, are often plagued by a disease that makes them particularly bad: being in love with themselves.

Joking aside, having a good university study method is essential to have excellent preparation and amaze the professor during the exam.

In this way, the student is prepared and wins his grades, without having to adopt the excuse of having bad teachers. One way to do that, obviously, is to approach writing professionals with a “write my college paper” request.

The Overly Pedantic One

The professor specifies immediately recognizes himself. Usually, early, he arrives with his 24-hour style briefcase, or with his backpack. He puts it on the desk, opens it, and takes out the pc or notepad.

He sits down, connects it to the projector, checks that everything is working, and places the screen on the first slide. Then he remains seated, checks a few emails on his cell phone, and watches the classroom fill up.

There is nothing superfluous on the desk, speak in a relatively calm tone and often the slides are detailed. Although detailed, he still manages to make them usable and does not mechanically read them, if he can add some of his own.

Normally the precise professor is a man, in principle, fewer teachers have this type of behavior.

At the exam he is basically a little stupid professor. He doesn't like giving very high grades and the tasks or questions are quite complex. But he doesn't enjoy putting low grades or failing for sheer pleasure. He is methodical, uses logic, and wants to see the real preparation of the students. So, both exams and assignments are important – for the latter, you can always order essay paper.

The Dreamer

Unlike the pedantic, the doting professor is one of those professors who are in the clouds.

Tend to be good, you can find the doting enthusiast of his subject, with creative slides and engaging speeches, or the one who tends to be more listless.

The doting is sometimes early, sometimes late. In these cases, she arrives in the classroom in a hurry, perhaps with her dress a bit ruffled. He connects to the PC, but the slides do not start, and punctually calls a volunteer student to help him.

During the explanations, he sometimes gets lost inside talks, starts question and answer sessions, and doesn't finish the lesson plan at the end.

This type of professor is well distributed between men and women.

He tends to turn a blind eye to the exam and often scores high.

The One Who Forces Jokes

Here is another one of those that we can count among the professors.

That's right, those who make constant jokes, and who try to be nice are really not that great teachers.

Among the variety of university professors, I would say that it is one of the most at risk of criticality.

Let's put it this way: he arrives at class, makes jokes about the subject and maybe they are also nice. Then he makes jokes about the students, maybe those who are playing the game and showing up. Usually, these students intervene more in class and interact more.

And they have a fast track to the exam. The others? Who doesn't lend themselves to the game?

Either he remains anonymous and is evaluated for what he is, or for some reason he goes to hell with the teacher and becomes targeted by his low grades or his jokes.

This is a purely male category; the teachers usually do not make the forced funny guy.

The Enthusiast

A noteworthy college professor, the enthusiast is the best blessing a college student can receive. This category of university teachers has 2 fundamental characteristics:

He is truly passionate about his subject.

These are university professors who believe in the mission of teaching. And you can see it from how they involve you in class. Often the slides are simple, they stand up, they explain, and they have the ability to harpoon your concentration.

And they are basically good. They can ask complex questions during exams, but unless you get big blunders, grades are never low and they tend to almost never get angry, yet they get the respect of the class and during class, there is no fly.

We would like more like them. Students can usually just delegate all their assignments to MasterPapers and just come to the professor’s lectures just to listen in.

College Professors: Are They Really Like That?

And here we are at the end of our article on university teachers.

Are all university professors as we have described them in this article?

No, generalizing often means trivializing, but it's perfect for having a laugh together

We have seen together 4 of the most represented categories, but we are sure that this classification is not entirely complete.

There are fantastic professors, bastard professors, professors close to retirement with old habits, and young professors who innovate.

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