WhatsApp Tests New Log That Allows Users To Know Who Deserted Them On Group Chats

Over the recent past, we’ve seen Meta working on a number of new updates regarding WhatsApp. And to the list comes another one related to group chats.

If you’ve ever wanted to know which one of your contacts has bailed on you in a group chat, well, WhatsApp is definitely making your dreams come true.

The popular communications platform is making sure users are up to date with the best feature that accommodates up to 100 people and the conversations that surround them.

For instance, we got the chance to avail of a new community feature that brought like-minded individuals together so they could have an enriching conversation. And that just goes to show how the number of groups is increasing on the app as we speak.

Hence, to help make sure you’re up to date and have your fingers on the tab of what’s really going on, WhatsApp is testing out a new feature to help you figure out who deserted you on group chats.

Yes, you can now find out which new participant of a group managed to leave a conversation. While the feature has just arrived in its beta testing phase, we could well be seeing it rolling out soon.

The feature basically comprises a log that users can maintain of all those deserters so, in the end, both group members and the respective admin are not left confused as to what went on.

Hence, anyone that chose to quit or was evicted in the past 60 days would now be accounted for, thanks to a new report by WABetaInfo that confirmed the news.

You can avail of the feature, after it’s released of course, by clicking on the Group Info tab. And that’s where you’ll find the new feature that has been called See Post Participants.

A separate search bar has been put forward that enlists all previous members so it’s easier to see who was once a part of the chat but no longer is. And we feel that’s a huge handy functionality when you’ve got a giant group or a long thread. Along the way, people are added, while some are removed, willingly or unwillingly.

We also feel the move would definitely be a welcoming one for small-scale firms as well because they use such groups to carry out internal dealings and to communicate with clients.

In addition to that, we’re getting news about how the current system in place for notifying chats about members leaving or being forced to exit is getting deleted. Hence, other than the admins, of course, no one will really get notifications for such changes. And that just makes moderating the groups so much easier.

Now, users can choose to record the names of such members diligently in their list outlined for ‘Past Participants’.

While the beta release took place for iOS users this past week, it has just begun for Android testers today and that’s why we’re seeing a few testers rave about it now.

Also, we hope to see it make its way to the desktop version too, given the fact that the app is making the most of a cross-platform initiative.

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