U.S. consumers consider ad business more reliable than news and social media

Research comprising 6,800+ respondents indicates most consumers in the United States are more likely to trust the advertisement industry rather than the news media. The brand research firm, Brand Keys, points out that media brand conviction decreases nowadays, and people are 3x more inclined to believe in their shampoo brand instead of news and social media.

So when 6,850 people were asked what they would rank first in the brand's category whom they think are trustworthy, they rated technology 40 percent. At the same time, 30 percent of Americans are interested in skincare/beauty brands. In addition, people ranked entertainment and fun brands at 39 percent, telecommunication at 38 percent, and luxury items at 36 percent when questioned about a great deal of trust. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry ranks fifth in the list of twenty-one brand categories with 35 percent. Health care sector at 34 percent, Food, Automobiles, and Retail at 29 percent, 28 percent, and 26 percent, respectively. In the Brand Keys’ report, participants ranked social media as the most unreliable source of information with 8 percent, followed by traditional news media as the second worst at 10 percent. Moreover, Americans trust the government more with 11 percent, with advertising taking the fourth worst trust rating at 13 percent.

Brand Keys founder Robert Passikoff highlights that ad business ranks as a more trustworthy medium than new media because brands put a lot of effort into building trust within their consumers. Brands constantly interact with their customers to retain brand reputation and profitability. Among different news media outlets, radio ranked the best with a 14 percent rating, followed by the newspaper at 11 percent, and lastly, T.V. news came last at 6 percent.

Among various news sources broadcasted on T.V., almost all had drops in viewer trust and ratings without any discrimination or political intervention.


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