The Most Sought-After Skills For Social Media Managers In 2022 Revealed

It’s 2022 and with the digital world blooming in full swing, you can’t deny that jobs related to social media management are definitely in demand.

But what exactly does it take to actually land the social media manager job of your dreams? Most importantly, what are the skill sets required to separate the good from the bad? Well, thanks to one report, we’ve got all the insight you need.

The role of social media managers entails a number of different elements. Be it bucketloads of creativity to intricate planning, analysis, and more- it’s not just one role. Instead, it’s a combination of these all.

Now, you must be wondering that with so many different things involved, it’s easy to lose track of what the real job is. And most importantly, you might be finding it hard to focus on just one thing when you’re surrounded by so much.

Well, thanks to the teams at PostBeyond for filling us all with more data than ever, we’ve summarized a round-up of everything you need to know.

The teams managed to go through thousands of job ads for the position and that’s how they’ve tabulated the specific skills required, not to mention the most in-demand characteristics that hirers search for.

For starters, there’s a whole list that features some of the basic requirements, and as you can expect that entails a minimum education of a bachelor’s degree. Good communication skills and passion comes up next on the list, closely followed by being straightforward and direct in your approach.

Your focus and experience also matter a lot as does your role as a team player and great excitement for pursuing tasks. Personal traits may not be as important as the skills outlined above, but again, they never go unnoticed.

A good social manager needs to be bold, thoughtful, intelligent, and enthusiastic. At the same time, being ambitious about your role and spending time productively are added bonus points that hirers adore.

The report then highlighted the great responsibilities that are attached to the position. Around 50% of the work is media strategy based while 47% is linked to paid social tasks. Working toward raising awareness for a brand comes in third at 24%, followed by having great public relations and handling community management and other things at the same time.

Influencer marking, creative content strategies, and video editings are other things that you’ll be expected to excel at. And remember, staying organized, keeping calm under pressure, and even taking part in social listening are other parts of the role.
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