Twitter’s Customer Service Questioned As A Security Firm Gets No Response From App Despite Account Being Hacked

The thought of having your account on Twitter hacked is definitely a concerning feature. And just in case you might be getting a delayed response or none at all from the app’s customer representatives, well, let’s just say you’re not the only one.

A well-known cyber security company, AV-TEST, that has been in the industry for the past 15 years is going public with its many concerns regarding Twitter. And the biggest one of them all is linked to getting its hacked Twitter account handle back.

Not only is the firm failing to provide any response to queries, but it’s also giving zero acknowledgment of what went on and why. And that’s more or less concerning for the rest of the app’s users who feel that they’ve been left out in the dark for some time now.

The CEO of AV-Test Institute is not a happy man as his firm has been struggling to get any form of help from Twitter’s team.

Above all, how can a security company with so much experience and knowledge of how to keep your accounts safe from wandering threats actually fall into a hacker’s trap?

Well, the answer is right in front of you. Anything and everything is possible in today’s time, even if you follow all the right steps.

For now, we know that the AV-Test Twitter handle is putting up plenty of spam linked to NFTs on the app, instead of actually doing what it does best, provide support for its consumers.

In case you’re wondering how the company found out about the incident, well, the co-founder and director received texts on their WhatsApp account, informing them of what was really going on. This came quite quickly, almost ten minutes post the incident.

This was accompanied by quite a few screenshots that revealed how the account was compromised, not to mention the bucketloads of alerts the firm received from a few more parties.

The first reaction was definitely shocking and the co-founders decided to log in, after which they were denied access on both their PCs and mobile devices. Next in line came Gmail, where there were several emails related to the incident, but it was incomprehensible at first as it was communicated in Russian.

One of those emails spoke of how the account’s password was altered as was the email ID. And that was followed up by a warning that if such changes weren’t made by you, then please contact Twitter at the earliest. Well, clearly, that did not work.

The biggest shocker of them all was related to how Twitter failed to inquire about the person backing up the current email ID and if they are agreeing to the changes highlighted about account change.

At first, a direct email was sent out to Twitter for help, but zero response was gained from its support team. The security firm opened up a new case regarding the matter which was titled hacked or regain access.

All respective details were provided and then came time to open up another case, and so far, that has been in vain too as zero response was provided.

As you know, each passing day is crucial when you’ve got an account this big and famous on one of the leading social networking sites in the country.

Also, the fact that Twitter always recommends you to make direct contact with its support team for help yet provides no assistance just goes to show where they stand in today’s time.

So far, it’s been seven days and no action or response was gained. Clearly, Twitter needs to amp up its game because with behavior like this for a leading company, you can only imagine how regular consumers are going to feel after reading this.

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