Users Can Bid Farewell To Facebook’s Live Shopping Feature As Company Shifts Focus To Reels

If you happen to be an online shopping enthusiast and perhaps loved Facebook’s live shopping feature, well, there’s some bad news for you.

Facebook has recently decided to shut its doors to all live shopping endeavors including its QVC-themed Livestream. This had previously allowed so many content creators to promote and sell their goods to customers.

The change will come into immediate effect starting October 1st, as the firm says it is now planning to shift all of its focus to other more profitable projects like its Reels.

Meta recently went public with the decision and how it was going to divert all attention to short-form video content, across various apps like Instagram and Facebook. But it’s interesting to note how the firm will only be removing the live shopping feature from Facebook only.

This means shopping enthusiasts can still continue with the ordeal across Meta’s Instagram app. And in case you haven’t guessed it by now, that just goes to show how the offering wasn’t doing too well on Facebook, to begin with.

We feel the decision was definitely a sensible one, keeping in mind today’s economic uncertainty and Facebook’s declining earnings and popularity.

Users first saw the feature launch on Facebook in 2018 where those in Thailand were first treated to the offering. Here is where live shopping continued as a great chance for creators to generate revenue through Facebook.

Influencers got the chance to serve as hosts for their own shopping sessions. They began showing off a wide array of products and the response from the audience was also great.

Both creators’ own stores, as well as those linked to affiliate groups, were on offer, and in less than two years, Facebook began to expand the feature to other markets.

This was also the time we saw a tab being dedicated solely to shopping enthusiasts arrive on the app.

In case you aren't aware, live shopping is still a very popular trend in places like China but when it came down to other destinations around the globe, the response was not the same. But it’s not just Facebook that is feeling the heat.

Top social media platform TikTok has also reportedly pulled the plug on live shopping after poor response over time. This was for its users across all of Europe and America, a change that we witnessed last month.

But whether it's more related to not receiving the right response or not from audiences, one thing is for sure. Meta has made it very clear from all of its recent decision-making that it's relying on its analytics that has clearly proven that Reels rule the day.

Hence, most of the company are focusing on just that to earn better and bigger profits, which it introduced last year.

Similarly, this is why you’re seeing Facebook transform its algorithm too, making it more or less like TikTok. We’ve seen the same being done by Meta to Instagram, and while it might not be loved by all, it’s definitely happening.

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