Google Comes Out On Top Of Lawsuit That Accused The Company Of Profiting From Animal Abuse

Google has managed to fight back against a lawsuit that alleged the firm of making huge profits through videos of animal abuse shown through its YouTube platform.

The lawsuit was filed by one animal rights group that failed to prove its claims adequately. In addition to that, they wanted the search engine giant to do more in terms of keeping such videos away from top streaming apps like YouTube.

Thankfully, Google's parent company Alphabet Inc. receives protection from federal law under Section 230. This is linked to acts related to Communication Decency. Therefore, the law protects all media platforms from any legal proceedings related to content that public users put up.

Hence, that’s exactly what happened in this case as was recently announced by Judge Sunil through a ruling that took place on Wednesday.

The lawsuit came from Lady Freethinker and was filed in 2021, where they even accused Google of adding ads near such videos to gain more profits from such behavior. And a few questionable videos even featured snakes attacking little dogs, leaving animal lovers horrified.

The group alleged that Google was avoiding the law by allowing such content to be published that clearly states how such types of animal cruelty need to be barred. However, the judge for the case noticed that the group only spoke about the firm violating a few local and state laws, including breaching contracts and false promotion.

Therefore, under section 230, no further action could possibly be brought and no sense of liability would be added.

Clearly, this is the end that Google had been hoping for because it has reiterated the same findings over and over again. Moreover, seeing success from any lawsuit is definitely a relief for the firm’s parent company Alphabet Inc.

H/T: Bloomberg

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  1. You say “thankfully”they prevailed. That’s sick. YouTube continues to promote animal cruelty including baby money torture in which baby monkeys wearing diapers have their fingers cut off, beat with hammers, drilled, acid thrown on them. And you think it’s a good thing that google doesn’t have the bare any responsibility for this content??? Sick sick sick

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