Twitter Lawyers Hit Back At Elon Musk Saying His Tool Once Classified Him As A Bot

We all know by now that Twitter is not happy with billionaire Elon Musk for failing to fulfill his promises and acquire the company for $44 billion.

Therefore, they’ve dragged the Tesla and SpaceX CEO to court with a lawsuit holding him accountable for his wrongful actions. But now, more details are surfacing regarding the legal proceedings including an in-depth analysis of what tools Musk was using to back up his accusations.

Let’s do a quick recap before we proceed to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Musk continues to allege Twitter lied about the actual number of bot accounts, calling them out for undercounting and painting a picture that was far from reality.

Twitter denied the accusations and even provided Musk with details on how the figures were reached and any other relevant information that would be needed to help reassure him that what they were doing was right.

Again, that wasn’t good enough for Musk and his legal team who continually stand by their claims and now want to exit the deal.

But Twitter’s lawyers are hitting back at the world’s richest man by finding fault in the tools that were used to calculate the company’s spam and bot accounts. According to them, the tool that Musk was using had even classified his account as a bot so there shouldn’t be much reliance on that factor.

Thanks to a recent article published by the Washington Post yesterday, Twitter shed light on the tool that was linked to an internet service offered publicly called Botometer.

This was used to determine an estimated number of fake profiles seen on the app, which the firm finds beyond amusing.

Putting more emphasis on the actual working of the Botometer, we know that this method finds fake accounts through a means that’s very different from the method used by the platform Twitter.

Digging deep down into its mechanism of action through the website from which its creators had developed it, the lawyers found that the tool uses machine learning for its algorithm to try and get a score to see which profiles are more likely to be a bot than others. And this is in regard to the activity seen on the app.

Musk has continually accused the firm of arguing and misleading him and his team and investors regarding spam accounts and bots. They feel as if they’ve been misled and not given an accurate picture of the firm’s prospects.

According to the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, the platform actually also failed to outline the right number of users on the app, which it feels has been exaggerated by nearly 65 million than what the reality truly is.

It also mentioned how about 16 million viewers visit the app on a daily basis and see the ads projected on Twitter.

In addition, Musk’s lawsuit adds how this was a strategy from day one used by the company to distract potential investors from the truth and secure a deal it feels is based on nothing but lies.

The court battle will begin in October when both sides will put their arguments forward and we think it’s going to be exciting to see who comes out on top.

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