Many mobile app gaming genres have started facing a decline in their app downloads in the first half of 2022

Games of all types have always been a family favorite. Somewhere between playing board games with siblings and cousins at grandma's house to playing them online with friends, we all grew up. Ever since board games like monopoly were invented, games have always been a great source of entertainment and fun for the family, however, our topic for today is how some types of mobile games both online and offline through different genres have been seeing a decline in their revenue.

In the first half of 2022, according to data from SensorTower, most mobile apps spread across many genres have seen a huge downfall in in-app spending of players and the downloads of their app.

In the first half of the year, it was revealed that the gaming market fell by 9.6 percent after comparing it year by year and resulting in an end value of 11.4 billion dollars.

All of this data was collected using Sensor Tower's Game Taxonomy and Game Intelligence features. Now what these two features do is not very interesting but very useful instead. These two features separate and then sort games into their specific genres and sub-genres that they belong to. Then that data is used by expert analysts to check trends.

The fastest rising genre of this half of the year was Arcade with the player spending amount shooting up 14.8 years over year to almost over $176 million. The largest sub-genre of Arcade was Idler which generated almost 88 million dollars going up 35.3 percent when compared year by year.

The second most growing genre of mobile games was Tabletop, which saw an increase of approximately 1 percent and came close to total revenue of 388.8 million dollars.

All other mobile game genres except these two saw a huge decrease in either their player spending or the downloads of their apps and sometimes apps faced both at the same time.
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