Twitter is working on the shopping section and that chat feature for communities

Online shopping and e-commerce have been taking over the shopping industry ever since the Covid-19 pandemic struck two years ago. The pandemic forced everyone into their homes with very little contact with the outside world. This was when home delivery and online shopping rose and made their mark. Many people started running small businesses at the time and used Facebook and other social networks to advertise their products and take orders through direct messages. That was when companies realized the importance of E-Commerce and introduced their versions of malls, behold Shops or Marketplace.

Twitter had to have its marketplace and users had the shopping option to look to when placing orders on the app. Well, it looks like Twitter has started some sort of work on the shopping section, as reported by Alessandro Paluzzi, but it is not clear what the app is working on as of now.

In the replies section of the post, a user said that they don’t need unnecessary updates in the shopping section, but more improvements in the overall app like the inevitable removal of the auto-refresh on Android phones and the need to bring Fleets back for both Android and iOS.

Overall this just highlights that Twitter does not need to make better what is already perfect and has to start working on other more pressing problems.

Moving on, Twitter Communities is a very popular place for people to hang out in fandoms or groups related to a particular topic. And now Twitter has started working on a chat option for Twitter communities.

According to the screenshot posted by Paluzzi on Twitter, right after the banner of the community ends, and the hashtags start there is a bright blue open Chat option over there. We don’t know much about this feature and the things stated above are all we know so enjoy.

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