Here Are the Top Google Search Trends for 2022

Google is the single biggest search engine in the world, so the various trends that can be seen in search queries can tell us a lot about what is currently on people’s minds. SimilarWeb recently did an analysis of the trending searches on Google for 2022, as well as how much the interest in these search queries increased on a month over month basis with all things having been considered and taken into account.

With all of that having been said and now out of the way, it is important to note that YouTube turned out to be the most searched keyword. This keyword receives a monthly search volume of just under half a billion, or 481.5 million to be precise. The total number of times that this query was put into Google’s search engine over the year is currently around 3 billion, and about 2.9 billion of these queries were organic which is not surprising when you consider that YouTube is one of the most prominent video streaming sites on the internet.

Coming in second is Facebook with around 369 million monthly search volume. 1.8 billion of the 1.7 billion searches with this keyword were organic, so Facebook clearly isn’t willing to give Google, which is one of its competitors, any ad dollars.

We then have one of the first organic keywords that does not relate to any massive kind of brand, namely “translate. People need translations for all sorts of things, and this keyword was used around 211 million times over the course of a month. This is the third most used keyword on Google, followed by PornHub in fourth place with a total search volume of around 204 million.

At number five we have another keyword that is not used in an attempt to access a particular site, namely “weather”. Users have put this search query into the powerful search engine just short of 200 million times, or 199.7 million to be precise.

In sixth place is “amazon” with 187.3 million search volume, and this platform is also on one of the heaviest users of search ads with 141.7 million of its 516.3 million annual search volume coming from paid sources. Additionally, “google translate” has been another popular keyword, coming in at seventh place with 160.4 total searches using it over the course of a month.

The next two spots on the list are occupied by gmail and whatsapp web, and it is interesting to see how two of the largest tech corporations are also the most frequently used keywords on Google. Also, some are criticizing that the most popular keywords relate to platforms and services already owned by Google because of the fact that this is the sort of thing that could potentially end up giving this major corporation an unfair monopoly.

Rounding off the top ten list is “traductor”, which is Spanish for translator thereby revealing the high level of importance that people place in finding translation services through Google. Google has a lot of dominance in the translation space, but in spite of the fact that this is the case other services are also finding some success thanks to Google connecting them with interested users.

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