Twitter Is Testing A Tweet View Counter And Tags For Accounts Verified Via Phone Numbers

Twitter is busy experimenting with some new features and they already sound exciting to us.

For starters, the popular social networking app will showcase view counts on Tweets, as spotted by Jane Manchun Wong. But as of now, we’re still not sure if it's going to be visible to all or just solely to the tweet’s owner.

But many are a little baffled at the decision because quite a few users can already see the stats related to Twitter views by clicking on the analytics section.

Therefore, the feedback on the news was mixed as some did appreciate the move while others felt it was no different from tweet impressions.

Then there were some who spoke about the mystery surrounding fake likes and if fake views would also be displayed. Now, we’re not quite sure about that but what do know is that it’s being tested for now so we’ll just need to keep an eye out for the feature.

On the other hand, we’ve got news about Twitter testing another feature in the form of a special label. This will be used to highlight those accounts that have been verified using phone numbers.

After all the Elon Musk drama related to bot and spam accounts, there have been growing fears about how many accounts were actually real on the platform. And that’s why people were calling the app out to figure out ways that would help distinguish real ones from those that are fake via verifications.

Thanks to an avid tech engineer named Jane Manchun Wong, we’ve got some more news on how Twitter is experimenting with labels that literally mark accounts that are more likely to be trusted than others.

In case you didn’t know, this is one technique where users get to know which accounts are more legit than others. After all, the user went through so much more effort than the simple or basic requirements.

Also, the technique helps in filtering out the most prominent tweets or those that pass different quality levels. But did you know that the app even gives users the chance to link up to 10 different accounts using one single phone number too?

There’s another feature that allows developers to attach labels for those accounts that are automated. This way, users realize or are aware of accounts where there isn’t any human controlling its posts.

As it is, those accounts with blue checks are already verified and that means they’re already forced into having their numbers of email ids added as a prerequisite.

This is from the time when former CEO Jack Dorsey was in charge. He felt such distinguishing features really made a difference and he hoped the app would enable this technique for all of its accounts.

Motivating users to attach phone numbers to accounts and making them visible like a particular status can have some consequences like security and keeping that data restricted from others with malicious intent.

As it is, the app did shed light on a case where one hacker easily managed to find millions of Twitter accounts with their respective phone numbers attached and email ids too.

This was a flaw that the firm introduced itself to last year through an update. But it was not until this year in January that the news got reported to the platform.

The company had zero clue of what was going on until recently, allowing millions of sensitive data to be stolen. Thanks to reports on social media, the issue was highlighted and that’s when the firm started to take action.

This just goes to show how data like this can end up being so leaky.

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