Twitter Is Promoting Its Audio-Based Social Media Features Via A New Pop-Up Featuring Spaces, Stations, And More

Twitter has added an introductory pop-up to the platform, attempting to help users familiarize themselves with all audio-oriented features that they can experience.

For the unaware individual, these mostly stem from Twitter's dive into Spaces, a podcast/Livestream combination that heavily borrowed from the premise of social media platform Clubhouse; it also hoped to emulate the resulting success, with relatively mixed results. However, to even emulate such success would be a dead end. The audio social media platform experience, while attracting a lot of attention (and even some praise from this very writer in the early days), ended up much more similar to a gimmick or fad. Its fading popularity was not helped by Clubhouse's disastrous gathering of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and other radical hate groups. While Clubhouse is still enjoying limited attention (and enjoy is truly an odd word choice, considering the groups that cohabit through the platform), its heyday is very much over. The podcast social experience is done with.

Or, more accurately, would have been done if not for Twitter clinging on as hard as the platform can.

Despite other social media sites losing interest as soon as possible. The short-form text-posting site Twitter is not only sticking to its guns, but it's also raising the stakes. Twitter's been steadily adding actual podcasts to its repertoire of audio content, has tested Stations; which are accumulations of different audio content curated for a user's taste, and is still actively promoting Spaces. The new pop-up includes all of these features, with the platform and its Devs defending their vision of audio content with a mild sense of vehemence.

I honestly don't understand why Twitter seems to believe in access so much. With the popularity of TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts, it's abundantly clear that social media is a visual game above all else. While podcasts are incredibly popular nowadays, they don't necessarily benefit from being restricted by being inside Twitter. Who knows, however? Maybe one of these days, Twitter will get a new "Only Murders In The Building" type podcast and will be catapulted to social media success.

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