Microsoft Increases The Number Of Ads In The Outlook Mobile App

This news isn’t going to sound like music to many people’s ears but Microsoft has announced the addition of more ads to its Outlook mobile app.

Therefore, both iOS and Android users will be forced to deal with this in the upcoming few months.

In case you didn’t know, this Outlook app for smartphones provides users with two different options in terms of getting their inbox organized. You can either avail the inbox that includes everything or use another tabbed version that’s split into two different categories.

These include titles like focused, where you’ll find all of your important mail. On the other hand, there’s another called other, where you’ll find the rest of your mail.

Before all of this was introduced, Microsoft was seen adding ads into the category called, ‘Other’. This was for all free users. Now, it’s putting them into a single space or inbox.

This change has been in the works for a while now, a few months to be exact. To look at things from a perspective, you’ll notice how the app is really making it harder and harder for free users to get away from ads on its mobile app.

No matter which type of mode you utilize for your inbox, you’ll definitely have to deal with ads in one place or the other.

Screenshot: Cutler Sheridan / Twitter

This can either be found toward the top of the tab reserved for Others or one seen in the same old inbox but it’ll surely be there. Therefore, the only way out of this is to get on board with the 365 subscriptions, which are obviously paid.

The change was confirmed by the company today while speaking to The Verge. They reiterated how ads will be displayed to all free users of the Outlook mobile app. This will be scattered across their inbox and then users can opt to have their Focused Inbox if they desire to see those in the Others category.

But a rather annoying feature about this entire rollout is how most ads disguise themselves as emails or are made to look like regular mail in your inbox. And that is really irritating so many people out there.

Let’s face it, no one wants to open up an ad when they’re busy at work. It’s quite similar to the tactic used by both Google and Microsoft while putting ads across their desktop versions of Outlook and Gmail.

While you might plan to delete them by simply swiping, let us tell you that they might pop up again.

Once it gets opened, it’ll surely display advertising-themed content, thanks to the in-app browser.

As you can expect, the launch is definitely not one that anyone would be looking forward to. Therefore, that’s probably the main reason why so many people are actually leaving one-star reviews, let alone complaints about the app. This is widely seen on the Apple App Store.

So if you really do get affected by such changes and don’t mind spending some cash, well, the 365 subscriptions might be perfect for you.

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