TikTok Makes Bigger Push Into The World Of eCommerce With Its Order Center Tracking Panel

TikTok has made it clear on several occasions how it has major plans to venture out into the eCommerce industry. And we can now see the move expanding with the selective launch of its new Order Center to a few users.

The tool will be a part of the in-app shopping TikTok experience which has already been rolled out to a selected few through a panel visible on the app’s home feed.

The Order Center can best be looked upon as a feature that tracks all products that viewers have bought, looked at, or could be keen on purchasing in the future through the TikTok platform.

Thanks to a new example put forward by Matt Navarra, we get a closer glimpse of the Order Center and how it arises near the option to edit your TikTok profile.

Once you click on it, you get swayed into a new world of eCommerce. Here is where you’re allowed to track different activities linked to your in-app shopping experience. Think along the lines of having your payment, tagged products, recommendations, and also the status of your purchases covered in one place.

TikTok says the new tool is a part of the company’s latest shift to venture into online shopping for its users, which has already been proven to be a huge winner on the app’s Chinese counterpart.

For those who may not be aware, a giant portion of funds produced by Douyin has come forward, all thanks to the introduction of eCommerce and its relevant integrations.

This has also introduced a series of new avenues through which content creators can generate more money such as with the likes of partnerships with different brands. This is dubbed as one of the most organic ways through which to promote your activity on the app.

This way, TikTok hopes to see a similar reign of success in its part of the market. However, studies have proven that the enthusiasm seen in the world of eCommerce in this part of the western world is considerably less than that seen in Chinese markets.

Remember, we saw tech giant Meta unveil last week how its app Facebook would no longer be giving users a live shopping experience online. But that could be due to its move to focus more on other more profitable avenues like Reels and of course its shift into the metaverse.

Whatever the case may be, Meta must have analyzed how the demand is significantly less when it comes down to online shopping and hence that’s why it ended up making such a decision.

On the other hand, TikTok hopes it never has to resort to such behavior. The company really has high hopes for its eCommerce venture and it really needs it to work too. Remember, the firm is looking at all of this through the eyes of generating more revenue as that’s the end goal.

As it is, so many stakeholders of the platform are getting more and more frustrated about how inconsistent things have become in terms of fewer to no options left to make money on the app.

Then we’ve got the app’s creators complaining about no opportunities, although we did hear in the past about how there was a Creator’s Fund. But now the latest on that aspect is that the payment options are really low and there’s no support provided by ads used for monetizing their content online.

This generates a higher risk of people leaving the app and instead, moving toward other more profitable platforms like YouTube.

TikTok doesn’t want something like that to happen because it’s the app of the current times and losing grace while its at peak is definitely not recommended.

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