Netflix games are really cool but nobody is interested in them

Everybody loves entertainment and wants something to watch in their free time. Subscription apps are the answer to this as they provide the viewer with an unlimited amount of watch time and things to watch for a small amount of money collected monthly through card payments and Netflix is one such app.

World-building is an important step for anyone who is putting out a series of books or in Netflix’s case movies or shows. That can include creating smaller spin-off adventures for the characters in short stories or games.

Yes you read it right, Netflix has some in-app games that come free with your Netflix subscription and are a great way to add to your understanding of the universe or multiverses of the show/movies you are watching. While they are great and fun, most of Netflix’s subscribers aren’t interested in these games and out of the 221 million subscribers right now on Netflix only 1.7 million play these games.

Like we said above, according to Apptopia (Via CNBC), an average amount of 1.7 million Netflix users play these games daily. However, in spite of that the company is still looking for ways to expand these games and the universes they belong to.

The company is planning to explore and invest in this department more. The app already has 25 of these games and is planning to expand it to 50 by the end of this year. According to Greg Peters who is Netflix’s chief operating officer, the company is now starting to become a bit more experimental and wants to try a bunch of new things that are rarely seen in the entertainment market. He also stated that it is his belief that the eye that they currently have on their long term prize is subject to the companies’ capabilities to create things connected to the universes, the stories and their characters that they are building.
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