TikTok Honors Black Business Month By Giving Them Exclusive Access To Its Accelerator Program

TikTok is one of the few platforms that have gone public in terms of providing support for Black-owned enterprises. And since August has arrived, the app says it plans to honor Black Business Month in all its greatness.

Now, TikTok is allowing Black-owned startups to come forward and take part in their accelerator program. The firm is accepting all applications in this regard so that new companies can thrive and make the most of this golden opportunity with access to a number of benefits.

These are in the form of education, great chances to network with others in the business community, and also utilize exclusive support resources on offer.

TikTok recently went public with the announcement through a blog post, where it called black companies to come ahead and apply to the program that was first launched in 2020. The whole idea is to get on board with tools that would give firms, influencers, and entrepreneurs hailing from the Black community a better chance at succeeding.

TikTok also hopes this opportunity would assist startups who struggle the most and aren’t given a chance to make a name for themselves, keeping in mind the growing competitive environment of today.

The program comprises 4 weeks of focused virtual training where selected individuals get the access they need to the best resources so they can join like-minded individuals and grow off of their ideas. This way, more Blacks can support, learn, and grow from others.

TikTok calls this the perfect guide that can direct any firm in the right direction, while others see it as a great push in today’s troubling times.

If you actually think about it, we feel this can really serve as the ultimate lifeline to so many exclusive brands. In the end, it can assist in transforming such people and maximize their exposure through TikTok.

Ever since the pandemic has struck, we’ve seen so many Black-owned entities be unfairly affected, in comparison to those owned by the White community. On average, double the number of black-owned firms were seen shutting down when compared to their white counterparts.

But that’s not all. In the past, TikTok has been in the line of fire for the way it profited off Black creators, without giving them the credit they need. And that’s another reason why we’re seeing it expand efforts and provide help wherever possible.

Remember, TikTok is certainly the leading app of today with a userbase that continually expands as we speak. It certainly can give people the help they require, not to mention it is a huge focus for so many entities.

TikTok says that from August 8th onwards, it’s accepting applications from firms that fit its exclusive eligibility criteria. And those that make the cut would be notified through the early part of next month.

The exact date for the start of the program was highlighted to be the 12th of September and so that means if you’re interested, based in the US, and fit the checklist, you shouldn’t be wasting any more time.

As of now, the app will continue to celebrate black businesses through its platform with the help of hashtags that best define the campaign.

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