The amount of people that play with remote is the highest in Brazil

While browsing the internet we often come across videos of YouTubers playing games and live streaming them. There we see that most of them have at least 2 or maybe 3 monitors and we all wonder why they have those when they can do the same with just one screen.

Users all over the world use a technique called cloud gaming that lets them stream their games from their PC or laptop to their mobile phone. This feature has started canceling out traditional gaming methods that required expensive pieces of hardware etc.

This feature made its first appearance in 2006 with the games on the PlayStation 3 being able to be streamed to the PlayStation Portable, which was a far less powerful hand-held device through a stable Wi-Fi connection. Later in 2014, some of the heavy but specific games were available to be streamed onto mobile phones, and then two years later in 2016; those games were available for streaming on Windows and Mac as well. According to the insights based on a study by Statista called Global Consumer Survey Special: Gaming & eSports, this feature is only used by a huge minority of users these days despite its popularity in the days of the PlayStation.

In Brazil, 54% of respondents said that they use a secondary screen for their gaming purposes by streaming it to other devices like smartphones, tablets, and the like. Almost half of the respondents from China, which also happens to be the largest place for the revenue collection of the gaming industry in the world, said that they use another device to play games.

Respondents from more first-world countries like South Korea, the USA, and Germany, which also happen to be the countries that hold the fourth, second, and fifth spots on the chart of the gaming industry in terms of revenue.

In Germany, only a quarter of people stated that they used remote gaming or another device to play games. Meanwhile, in the United States, a third of respondents claimed that they use their mobile phones to stream the gameplays that they play on their PCs. Even though remote play cannot be exactly called mobile gaming it is an undisputed fact that mobile phones play a huge role in the gaming industry in general and are a vital part of it.

The chart showed that Brazil had the largest number of users making use of remote play throughout the country. The chart was based on data that was collected from a survey that was conducted by Statista from August 2nd to August 6th of this year. The survey questioned 1,000 people from the ages of 16-64 so they were the people who had at least occasionally played games on their phones or mobiles.

The survey found out that in China a rough 51% used remote play while playing games. In other countries like South Korea (28%), Germany (24%), and the United States (35%), and the United Kingdom (33%) the percentage remained low and did not come up over 40%.

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