Streaming Takes Over Cable And Broadcasts To Hold Highest Share For Total Daily Viewing

The month of July saw a few records being broken and it’s needless to say that users really adored streaming last month.

Streaming surpassed statistics for both cable as well as broadcasts. In this way, it held the biggest share as far as total daily viewing is concerned.

The share reached a grand total of 34.8%, which is a record in itself as this is the first time it went so high. Also, it’s the first time we’re seeing such records come into play, after Nielson’s launch for Total TV and Streaming that was unveiled last year.

Cable took the second position as far as the combined daily viewing of people above the age of two was concerned. The share was about 34.4%, while in third place, we had broadcasts arrive with a share of just 21.6%.

When looking at the statistics from 2021 and comparing the two, it’s clear to see how streaming is in the lead, being almost 23% higher this year. Meanwhile, the cable went down by 9% during the same time frame. Broadcasts also lost out 10% with their share dropping from 24%.

Nielsen was seen speaking in detail about how months like July do tend to witness such dips as it’s the holiday or summer season. Hence, television platforms aren’t usually performing in the same manner.

Then when we compared data trends from June of this year to that of July, we saw broadcasts fall short by 3.7% and cable losing out by nearly 2%. To be more specific, broadcasts related to playoffs in the sports world like NBA and NHL even dropped by a staggering 40% in the month of July. In the previous month, it happened to be up by 3%.

We must take this time out to note how things were definitely going in favor of Netflix in July as compared to previous months. And a huge chunk of the credit goes to the ever-so-popular Stranger Things Series. This certainly added to its success.

There were 18 billion more minutes of viewing for this new season. As of now, Netflix stands at an 8% share, as compared to the previous month. YouTube came second and that was closely followed by Hulu in third place.

Amazon Prime, Disney+, and HBO Max seemingly followed in that order.

Both broadcasts and cable showed declines of 10% and 9% while streaming went up by a whopping 23% from 2021.

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