Can journalists be Influencers? That is the question being raised right now and our answer is...

Journalists are at the very core of every news medium out there, in the same way influencers are at the core of the social media platforms. Journalism is generally a very old and conventional type of communication because there are no new people entering the field. Influencing however is the profession that is grabbing the attention of the younger generation. While the two professions don’t have a lot in common, Journalists can be Influencers right? That precisely is the same question that was raised by Polis at LSE. The LSE is a news company and Polis is their journalism branch.

The younger generation mostly spends their time on the social media apps that are led mainly by Influencers. They look up to them and as a result of being inspired by them take the same career path. Now the thing with journalism is that it is very old-fashioned, it still uses the old ways of communications like the television channels that the younger generation doesn’t even sneak a peek at. Why? You may ask, because they already have everything at their fingertips on their phone, every sort of news, every accident everything.

Like we said before the younger generation cares more about the influencers that are on the social media apps they so frequent, if journalists started making accounts and becoming influencers, people would be attracted. If the journalist is bold about their views and right in them, then people will automatically look up to them. Thus people will be attracted towards the profession and it will lead to the younger generation being more educated about journalism.

But it is as equally hard for the people in journalism to enter the social media platforms because the companies that they work with have very strict guidelines about what can or cannot happen on their social media accounts. Take BBC as an example, their social media guidelines are strict to the point that journalists have to think twice about how their liking of a post and using an emoji can make them seen biased and unfair.

So yes, in accordance with the question raised our answer is Yes, Journalists can be Influencers provided that they overcome the obstacles laid in their course by stereotypes.

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