Samsung’s new Galaxy Z Fold 4 is a good phone, but you can’t trust it to replace your current one

Samsung is undeniably one of the best android smartphone companies in the world and has created a lot of phones throughout the years. Samsung is generally a very affordable smartphone brand except for the GalaxyS22 Ultra and now this phone as well.

While folding phones seem like a good idea on paper, they aren’t of much practical use. Hey, don’t get me wrong, everybody loves tablets and everybody likes phones, so we can’t blame Samsung for wanting to get the best of both worlds. Also, we have to give credit to Samsung for willingly choosing to bear the consequences of finding out how to make a good foldable phone that not only has a unique design but is also practical as well.

Last year Samsung released the Galaxy Z fold 3 which was a very good foldable phone and this year’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 is even better, if only a little bit, but better.

Also, another thing that Samsung has managed to overlook is, why would anybody want a phone that is ultimately heavier on the wallet, fragile, and comes with a million compromises as well. Well, Samsung isn’t the one lacking in this department, as nobody has ever explained how foldable phones are better and ultimately the superior choice.

So to sum it up, what Samsung and all the other companies will eventually have to do is convince people that a foldable phone with all its cons is better than your phone, and you should get one. This phone is just a heavier, larger version of the S22 Ultra, how? Let me tell you.

The s22 ultra has a better battery life, better specs, and better camera quality as well. The S22 Ultra also supports the S pen. The Z4’s battery dies quickly, the screen looks weird, is almost 2 times thicker, and is an ounce heavier than the S22 Ultra.

Not to mention, the phone also costs that buyer 600 dollars more than what they would spend on an S22 Ultra. Also, the phone makes a lot of sacrifices to make way for Reality. But, it does not make sense to me why Samsung would demand such a sacrifice from its consumers.

The first point that the company offers about the phone on their website is that this phone can be propped up and can be used to talk or make videos hands-free. But, that is not a good bargain as you can get a phone stand from your local mobile appliances shop for a couple of dollars only.

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