Instagram Rolls Out Innovative Hands-Free Creation Option For Flip Phones From Samsung

Just when you thought the classic trend of flip phones was long gone comes leading tech giant Samsung and its innovative range of mobile devices with a flip twist. And it’s safe to say the new findings have really caught many people’s eyes.

But wait, that’s not all. Popular social media app Instagram is on the lookout to well align itself with this trending reign of flip-phone devices. The platform plans on doing just that through the recent launch of several recording options for creators with Samsung devices that are surprisingly hands-free.

The announcement was recently made by the company through a blog post. It spoke about how there are a number of apps by Meta that have been designed to work well against such devices. But keeping that aside, Instagram now plans to make users adapt to the ultimate experience on flip phones.

Using the FlexCam that’s recently available across Galaxy Z Flip4 devices, users get the chance to fold the device and put it on any standing surface in a freestanding position. This way, users can easily record their content without using their hands. Similarly, they can make more Reels and Instagram stories too without requiring any stand or their usual tripod setup.

There are plenty of graphical illustrations that put the new feature on display, providing a seamless way through which users can capture their content on Instagram. Moreover, the whole concept of this flip display also enables users to get the best still-shots with in-built stands for working effortlessly on flat surfaces.

Even without such devices, Instagram users have the opportunity to make use of the option for Hands-Free, which can be availed as a mode that’s in-built into the app as a camera tool. So from that aspect, it’s not really a huge advancement but as far as flip phone users are concerned, it’s definitely something new.

They get the chance to be aligned with stable and better-quality shots, not to mention the best opportunity to record your videos on Instagram.

In addition to this piece of news, Instagram was recently reported as mentioning how hard it’s working to bring forward more options that enhance its features for Android users such as better loading times and great support for videos having high resolutions.

We need to keep an eye out for such updates as they’re currently still in the development phase. But for now, if you’ve got the cool new Samsung flip phone, well, then you can avail these hands-free options immediately.

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