Report shows 1 in 3 organizations now reply weekly ransomware attacks

Being secure while on the internet is the foremost priority of every company that has a website and handles transactions online. However, cyber-attacks are still prominent and can damage a company beyond compensation. These malicious attacks can come from any direction in any form, and sometimes they can also come from inside the company as well.

The most common form of Cyber-attacks is Ransomware, which is exactly like its name suggests, the data stored in the hacked device is blocked off to the owner until they pay a decided amount of money to the hacker. While personal laptops and computers are the usual targets for this kind of attack, it wasn’t long before people started targeting businesses in hopes of getting more money.

According to new research published by Menlo Security, a third of businesses are facing Ransomware attacks at least once a week, with a tenth of them saying that they experience Ransomware attacks more than one time per day.

The research which was conducted with more than 500 IT decision makers from organizations in the UK and the U.S. which have more than 1000 employees sheds some light on what the effect of these attacks is on the mental well-being of the people responsible for the security of the company. When asked about why they stay awake at night overthinking, most of them replied that the majority of their worries are that somehow a Ransomware attack will develop more than the skills and the capabilities of their team and the company will face a huge loss. In addition to this 395 security experts worry that a Ransomware attack will grow into something that is way beyond their company’s security protections.

However, that is not their biggest concern; the biggest concern of tech security experts is that their employees, despite being given warnings, will click on to unsecure links for no reason thus inviting hackers into their database with 46% expressing this as their main concern.

Respondents worry about this happening more than they worry about losing their job with only 26% saying that they worry about losing their job.

The report also states that around 61% of companies from the U.S. and 44% from the UK have been the victims of successful Ransomware attacks in the past 18 months with prospects and consumers being the largest and most likely point of origin of the attack.

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