Most of the machinery that is hacked is from America and China

Machinery is the backbone of almost any sort of work done whether it is domestic or commercial rate. Machinery is a very important aspect of commercial work as it speeds things up and helps reduce the amount of manpower that would be required to do those things.

As we all know China is the hub of inventions and manufacturing and most of the machines and tech that we use comes from China.

We also know that China isn't the only superpower in the world, it shares that title with America and it makes sense that those two countries have the most amount of Machines and it makes even more sense that they are in the lead most times machines have been hacked in one country, according to research by Nozomi Networks.

The company named the two countries as the most attacking countries but also added that with so many technological advancements being made every day, it is hard to tell where the attack may originate from. So all we know is an attack on a machine in Los Angeles might have come from any corner of the world or vice-versa. (no offense to anyone from or living in LA)

It further went on to say that there is no need for a direct connection between the place that was attacked or was attacking because any server in the world can be used and manipulated to attack any sort of machine in the world.

Instead, it somehow seems like both America and China might be victims of their success in the tech field because hacking into one of the world’s best systems is quite a thing to be able to brag about.

The research by Nozomi also revealed that there are some specific credentials that hackers use to get access to the files. The list of credentials included “admin” and “root” but the most used one was “nproc”. Using this stock name over 12,000 URLs were targeted in the six months that this report covered.


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