Pinterest’s New Board Sticker Is Designed To Drive Traffic From Users’ Idea Pins

Pinterest definitely appears to be on a roll as the company was recently seen adding another innovative means through which users can help drive in more traffic for the app.

The new update comprises the launch of a method that drives traffic from users’ Idea Pins, which is another name given to the app’s Stories option. Hence, you can best envision it as a sticker feature that allows users to highlight specific boards through their Idea Pins seen on the Pinterest app.

Thanks to marketing analyst and renowned creator Lindsey Gamble, we’ve got some more information on what users can expect with the new Pinterest feature. She put up displays of the board sticker which has already been rolled out for quite a few users. And in case you still haven’t been able to get your hands on it, well, stay tuned.

The tool is available for use inside the app’s Sticker Tray that’s located within the creative flow process for Idea Pins. To avail, simply click on it and you’ll soon be able to select from several boards in existence through which you can directly link.

This is all thanks to different display layouts that are seen access the board sticker, that users would be allowed to include into their frame. With the new sticker at hand, users will get the option to link directly to any topic board that they love. This will help in putting content that they love on display through the app, not to mention the great amount of traffic being referred to, thanks to the direct linking feature.

On average, each creator gets around 5 board stickers to include per picture. And that’s around 20 board stickers as a whole inside their Idea Pin. This way, no one is bound to use just one sole sticker for their whole frame, which we find to be a creative and great idea.

After doing so, creators will get the chance to go on tagging any board that’s on public display which they manage. However, boards that have limited access, or should we say those that are private won’t be allowed to be linked such as those designed by others app users.

We feel this is a wonderful way to put particular products on display, especially with the help of direct links that relate back to bigger Pin displays. What better to highlight a user’s offerings than this?

For now, it’s not available to all users but it’s definitely on its way. And with the holiday season fast approaching, we feel there couldn’t be any other perfect time for a launch than this.

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