New Bill By US Lawmakers Allows News Media Groups To Negotiate With Firms Like Facebook And Google

A group of American lawmakers is going public with a revised version of a bill that they hope can serve as the bridge to better communications in the media world.

According to them, the bill will allow for better negotiations of news media groups with leading digital firms like Google and Facebook.

The act has been given the title, Journalism Competition, and Preservation. It’s designed to delete legal obstacles linked to newsgroups while conducting negotiations. They also hope it can bridge all the gaps and ensure fair terms for those platforms that routinely get access to their news for free.

The news was confirmed by a press release statement coming forward from Bipartisan US lawmakers. This particular group entails the likes of different senators as well as judiciary committee members hailing from both US parties.

Before we forget, we must add that this bill is not entirely new. We’ve seen an older version of it come forward in the year 2021. And at that time, it received opposition from various trade industry groups that belonged to the likes of both Meta and Google.

Now, the new and improved bill is stated to include news publishers that entail a workforce of no more than 1500 employees working full-time duties. Similarly, there would be news broadcasters that weren’t affiliated with any particular network.

This way, all groups, and interested parties would gel better together and win a range of great deals thanks to Facebook, Google, and so many other leading news media group names.

The legislation would have been applicable to any print organization, digital news platform, and broadcasting company that entails the right editorial workforce and publishes weekly.

H/T: Reuters

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