A Study By SimilarWeb Shows Zoom To Be The Most Successful Of All Video Conferencing Apps

Data from SimilarWeb reveals that despite what online arguments may have you believe, Zoom is the most popular video conferencing app across the globe.

Honestly, as an individual pursuing education and watching those younger than me pursue education throughout the pandemic, I'm very unsurprised. Sure, Microsoft Teams was very popularly used by many offices and the likes, and much conjecture was raised about the platform's ability to be markedly more professional than any of its peers. However, it was ultimately Zoom that we encountered everywhere; classes were mostly (if not near-exclusively) held on the platform, and internet culture entrenched itself within the new format. You didn't see memes about Teams or Skype, you saw them about Zoom. Look up any online comedian or comedy group; I guarantee that they will have made either a Zoom reference or an entire video dedicated to the platform at least once. Honestly, I kind of feel for Skype; first place at the halfway mark, nowhere to be seen near the finish line.

Honestly, I'm not here to argue merits or demerits; Microsoft Teams is a perfectly functional platform and it has many qualities that help it outshine its main competitor. Ultimately, however, mass popularity is a numbers game, and Zoom's surprise popularity across the pandemic has given it a scathing edge over all others in the marketplace. SimilarWeb, a statistical analysis firm, has provided evidence that Zoom has garnered over 140 million users more than Teams did start from the pandemic to today. Even nowadays, Zoom enjoys 730,000 daily users. Those are numbers that anyone will have a massively difficult time sizing up.

An argument that can be leveled against such data gathering is that Teams often come pre-installed on many devices, which don't count as individual downloads and therefore hamper their standings. However, SimilarWeb decided to further cover their bases by utilizing Google Trends; insights revealed that Zoom has consistently garnered more interest than Teams or, frankly, any other similar platform in its vicinity. Turns out that garnering a name for yourself is more important than any number of features that can be boasted. Unless you're Skype that is; tripping on thin air and ground, that one.

Honestly, I'm just salty that no one tried giving Discord a chance throughout all of this. Ah well, I guess DnD fans are still having a good time with it.


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