Excitement For Fans As Reports Of A Split Screen Mode On YouTube TV And YouTube Shorts For TV Screens Emerge

This past month, we heard about a report that outlined how Google TV was going to include support from Nest Audio very soon. This would also entail Fitbit/Wear OS with some additions linked to the smart home.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough, well, fans, there’s more to celebrate. And this time around, it has to do with some innovative updates in the world of YouTube.

Reports of YouTube TV launching a new split-screen mode are taking center stage. At the same time, we’re hearing reports of YouTube Shorts arising on big screens too.

This news comes to us thanks to Protocol which unveiled how Google informed its partners in July that it would be introducing some changes for its clients. This includes those on Android as well as Google TV.

Just recently, we saw YouTube TV celebrating its 5 million subscriber mark and now, we’re hearing about a Mosaic Mode. This allows fans of the apps to simultaneously witness nearly four different live feeds at once. Thanks to the screen getting divided equally into four, viewers can see their favorite shows at once.

We see this as an ideal chance for all those sports enthusiasts who find it hard to pick between their favorites. But now, there’s no need as the company has fulfilled your wish.

As of now, we’ve got no other details as nothing else was disclosed publicly today in regards to live feeds. We just hope this is not only applicable for selective programs to get multiple views but to all.

It’s also been suggested that the app wouldn’t aggressively chop up video content and provide audio streams to one source only at any single time.

If that has gotten you excited, well, how about something else that’s a little more happening? YouTube Shorts will soon be available on TV screens, accompanied by letterboxing and plenty of controls. These will be located on the right side of the vertical videos.

The new features were first seen being introduced to the app’s partners in regards to Android/Google Television.

Soon, we’ll be seeing it arise everywhere on large screens where you can easily access the YouTube app with ease.

If you ask our point of view, the split screen feature would look fantastic across both iPads and Android tablets, or even on the web.

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