LinkedIn will allow users to pin comments in their latest updates

Pinned comments are highlighted comments that are attached as the top comment of the post. Pinning comments is a great option for bringing more attention to the comment. It is often used for sparking discussion related to the comment or informing others before seeing the post.

As per Lindsey Gamble, LinkedIn is adding pinned comments feature which can be accessed from the three-dot menu which can be seen on the side right of the comment. To pin a comment, you just have to click the three-dot menu, and then click on pin comment. This should pin the comment making it the first thing to appear under your post.

Pinning a comment is a great way to spot the comments that more people should be aware of regarding the post. By pinning comments, you’ll be able to highlight a response from users to appreciate their words and bring more importance to them.

You can also unpin comments using the same three-dot menu following the same steps. This will return the comment to its original state and it won’t be highlighted for other users viewing your post.

Moreover, you can pin replies inside a comment too which will pin the whole comment chain leading up to the reply. Similarly, to pinned comments, pinned replies also bring more attention to the comment and conversation as a whole. This will improve user engagement in LinkedIn users and allow for more social interactions.

With that said, the update is being made available for all users that have updated their LinkedIn app to the latest version. Of course, on the desktop version, there’s no need to update as the latest version is available automatically.

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