A LinkedIn post generator has gone viral for its cringe-worthy posts

When a post goes viral on the internet, it is either for two reasons, it is very cringy and supposedly quirky or two, or it is related to someone famous. The former is the more likely one statistically speaking. While LinkedIn does not seem like an app that would harbor posts like these, it is after all a social media app albeit one made for people looking for jobs and people looking to give them.

There is a viral post generator made specifically for LinkedIn and well the generator itself went viral and got so popular that a company paid real money to buy the thing. The generator uses prompts like what did you do today and asks for a piece of inspirational advice. The post then gives you the option to change the cringe level of the post. After clicking on the create option, the AI generates a very cringe-worthy post for your feed.

The generator was created by Tom Orbach who is a marketer and was accomplished by using AI. The generator made its debut on August 15th and has taken the internet by storm since. The generator was created by using AI that analyzed more than 100,000 posts that had gone viral on the app. then, this made the generator able to create detestable posts all by itself.

The results that came through after were both hilarious and masterpieces in themselves. They were very entertaining and that aspect was very pleasing to the masses of the internet. The posts had a very wide range of content. Most of it was just useless advice that was just pretending to be information. The advice was anything from chase your dreams and don’t let the haters get to your stuff.

Overall, it was a very fun experience, and testing it out was also very amusing because we all need a laugh these days anyway.

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