WhatsApp is working on 2 new features, one being the replacement of the missing camera icon

Whatsapp has always been one of the most used chatting apps in the world. With millions of users using it every day, there are bound to be some that will want to switch from an Android phone to their brand-new iPhone.

Now when we move to another phone there is always the risk that our chat history with someone special might get deleted, but that is not a problem anymore as WhatsApp (as per WBI) has now announced that there is a new updated version that will let users get all their data from their Android phone into their new iPhone.

When a user wants to switch they would have to download the separate app first then they will be able to transition to the other phone. The ability to transition is only available if you have the WhatsApp for iOS 22.17.77 update.

Moving on to our second update of the day, WhatsApp recently released that communities were available for Android as well. The thing is that Communities was originally only available for iOS, but now the feature is available on android as well.

When the communities feature rolled out for Android, on the top left corner in the tab bar where the camera used to be, there was an icon of three people that signaled it was the Communities tab now. Well, how were we supposed to take pictures and send them to our contacts?

Well that was exactly what had most people confused that where the camera would go after this new update, but, don’t worry cause’ WhatsApp has a solution for that too. To access the camera on an Android phone that had the communities tab, users just have to look up in the menu and search tab to find it there as shown in a screenshot by WABetaInfo.

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