LinkedIn Makes It Easier For Creators To Share Visual Content By Launching New Features

LinkedIn has recently updated its users about the launch of a number of new features that are designed to assist creators with visual content.

The leading social network says it has been busy with the initiative after it felt users needed something more to share their visual content on the app. Hence, the decision is being called out as the platform’s latest move to assist creators with content development.

In the next few weeks, creators will get the chance to include clickable links in their pictures as well as their videos. This is going to assist them in getting all the traffic that they need on their web pages or other places, regardless of the fact that it's found on the app or not.

For instance, LinkedIn mentioned how creators will get the opportunity to include links to recent newsletters or perhaps something trending on their own personal website.

Simply include the link by pressing on the clickable tab that says ‘add a link’, just after you’re done making your post on your device, with the added visual content, of course.

But that’s not all as LinkedIn was also recently seen speaking about a new and innovative launch of a template feature. This makes sure creators’ text postings get the attention they deserve across users’ feeds.

These templates are best seen as a creative means to add that pop of hue that certainly makes the post-eye-grabbing and appealing for all viewers.

Creators will get the chance to gain access to this Template feature in a few more weeks so we suggest you definitely keep an eye out for that.

To avail, the app says you need to go into your share box or simply click on Post across your mobile device. Next, press 'use a template' and you’ll be introduced to a wide array of designs that can even be customized to your personal likes and preferences.

From different backgrounds, clickable links, text fonts, and more- pick what you like, and don’t forget to SHARE.

Other than this, the app has even started to launch its Carousels which is the name allotted to a new format for content creation. Here, creators get the chance to mix and match pictures with videos while they present their information to their followers using the swipeable layout.

LinkedIn claims that users would be able to use this format as early as today on their feeds. But there are some plans to better the feature with some added tweaks before it gets rolled out to the masses in the near future.

The sudden launch of all these new features comes at a time when the platform claims to witness a staggering 20% rise in its YoY followers who like to include visual content as a part of their posts.

LinkedIn really means business when it says it wants to increase its number of followers. In the past year, the app has worked hard in this regard, not to mention the launch of its viral $25 million fund for creators that came out in September of last year.

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